Company Culture

What does Cumberland Mean?

Cumberland is an English name that dates back to the year A.D. 945.  The name arrived in America during the era in which we became a free nation.  It was first given to the river by Thomas Walker when he discovered the river during a hunting expedition.  He chose the name Cumberland to honor Prince William Augustus, the Duke of Cumberland, who led the British army to victory in the last battle fought on British soil.

To Walker, the name represented his heritage.  It also represented honor, readiness, victory, and loyalty

Core Brand Promise

Access To Technology

Along with an unwavering commitment to provide the highest level of service possible, we must make technology available to our customers that enhances and personalizes their experience and make them want to come back.  This includes simplifying self-service elements as well as automated processes. 

Continuous Improvement

Today's customers expect their brands to consistantly strive to make their decisions and daily lives less complicated than before.  By constantly refining processes and customer interaciton, we are more likely to foster a closer and deeper working relationship with customers, increasing our chances of winning their appreciation and dedication. 

Flawless Execution

From answering the phone to closing a deal, the smoother and more seamless everything feels to the customer, the more they become attached.  Flawless exectution is more than just responding to customrer needs; it's also about anticipating and addressing needs they don't know they have.  Flawless exectution builds value in the brand and confidence in the hearts and minds of the customers. 

Core Values


We honor customer relationships by providing world-class service.


We use all available resources to ensure that we are always ready to address any and all customer concerns and demands. 


When our customers win, we win. 


We aim to foster customer loyalty by upholding our core values and by keeping our brand promise.

The Journey Starts Here

This line positionss Cumberland as the dealer of choice for vehicle buyers within the brand's market reach.  The phrase suggests to prospects that they are in the right place and that they need look no further.  It also nods to the history of the name Cumberland, the explorer responsible for transporting the name from one continent to another through honor and loyalty to his motherland.